Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our board certified physiatrists is a dedicated team specializing in treating various musculoskeletal (muscles​ and bones), cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), pulmonary (lungs and breathing), and neurological (nervous system) disorders, including conditions such as arthritis, back pain, work- and sports-related injuries, and brain or spinal cord injuries. The job of a rehabilitation physician is to treat any disability resulting from disease or injury, from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. The focus is on the development of a comprehensive program for improving our patient’s quality of life after injury or disease – without surgery.

Baylor Scott & White Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians
Dallas • Fort Worth • Frisco •  Irving •  McKinney • Park Cities •  Waxahachie

Meredith Adams, DO

Matt Bayazitoglu, MD

Brite Chalunkal. DO

Daun Chung, DO

Sima Desai, MD

Randi Dubiel, DO

Rita Hamilton, DO

James Lewis, MD

Asher Light, MD

David Lo, MD

Marielisa Lopez, MD

Jason Miller, DO

Mary Elizabeth Miller-Phillips, MD

Jit Mookerjee, DO

Sridevi Mukamala, MD

Helen Patel, MD

Leslie Porter, MD

Seema Sikka, MD

Stephen Thomason, DO

Wenbao Wang, MD

Susan Warden, MD

Amy Wilson, MD

To inquire about available physician opportunities within Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, please contact Bailey Singleton from Physician Recruitment.