Breast Surgery

  • Vaishali Kent, MD

    Breast Care Specialists of Texas
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    Fort Worth, TX 76104

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    Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS

    Texas Surgical Specialists
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  • Our breast surgeons provide a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary team approach to care.  They work together with a multi-disciplinary team to quickly assess their patients breast care needs and devise an individualized treatment plan.  They pride themselves in providing their patients with education and assistance so that they can make informed decisions regarding specific treatments and procedures.

    Our specialized team works hand-in-hand with a variety of subspecialists that may include medical and radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, genetic counselors, and other specialists.

    These surgeons specialize in the:

    • Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
    • Evaluation of breast lumps, abnormal mammograms, abnormal sonograms, abnormal MRI of the breast, breast pain and nipple discharge
    • Surgical management of breast lumps, breast cancer, and breast infections